Red-Board Kit: Introduction into Electronics and Soldering



This kit is designed to be used by an instructor to introduce a student or group to electronics. By building a time-delayed, Color Changing LED circuit, the student will practice soldering, learn to read a schematic diagram, understand basic electronic theory, learn what the basic components do, and experiment to see how the switch, resistor, capacitor, and transistor work together to control the color changing LED. This basic knowledge can then be used to understand new circuits.

   When completed, only a #2 lead pencil is needed to temporarily modify the circuit to do multiple experiments. By referring to the schematic diagram while doing these experiments, the student’s understanding of electronic theory and the functions of the components will be reinforced. 

   Detailed assembly and operational instructions, printed circuit board, all parts, and battery are included. There is a short guide on how to solder that explains “what to do” but cannot cover the full scope of technique and safety details -- therefore an instructor is recommended.

  If you do not have a soldering iron and other basic tools, please see the tool sets we offer.  (The "Smaller Quality Tool Set" has all the tools you need for this kit.)
If this kit demonstrates that you have a “Science Kid,” you are ready to move forward to our LED Scope Part 1, Basic Electronics (and advanced LED Scope Part 2, LED Array Oscilloscope) Curriculum/Kit.  Part 1 and Part 2 make up an intensive hands-on educational, but fun to build, kit/ curriculum.

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