Electronics Course and Curriculum: LED Scope Part 2: LED Array Oscilloscope

  • 200+ pages, 200+ illustrations on a CD in .pdf format.
  • Recommended for Middle School (Science Kids) and High School Classrooms or Independent Study. Credit recommendation is 1 1/2 High School Credits which includes 1/2 lab credit. Prepares students for College or entry level Electronic Technician.
  • Part 1 Half Price when purchased with Part 2. 

  • All parts necessary are included; Tool Set is sold separately. See our Quality Tool Set for tools. Tools needed in Part 1 are also needed for Part 2.

(This kit uses the power supply built in Part 1 - it contains No Power Supply. 

Part-2, Build the LED Array Oscilloscope

An oscilloscope is an essential tool for anyone designing or repairing electronic equipment, or doing scientific research. It allows very high speed electrical signals to be viewed, and enables engineers to “see” how electronic circuits are functioning, and collect data from sensors.

Part-2, the LED Array Oscilloscope, is presented in a manner similar to the story "Stone Soup." As each module is built and tested, a new feature is suggested that would improve the oscilloscope’s functionality. This leads to describing, building, and testing the next module until all the features of a commercial oscilloscope have been demonstrated. Because the results are visual, the learning is exciting with immediate gratification of applying the theory just taught. As the oscilloscope is developed, the Signal Generator board from Part-1 is used to provide test signals to demonstrate the scope's operation, and to show the need for new features that are then built in the following chapter. 
The main display is created from an array of 240 LEDs operating at 5 volts*, and provides additional practice for the student to become proficient and confident in soldering skills. 

*A 2000 volt Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) normally used to build an oscilloscope is NOT the place to start learning electronics.

If Part-2 is purchased without Part-1, a separate power supply module kit will be required. See Options Below

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