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Our first kit was the Hexbug Hack. Then we received some emails where customers said Surface Mount Device (SMD) soldering was harder than they thought.  After searching for a practice kit we could recommend, we discovered there wasn’t much available, so we created one that provides lots of practice (over 100 components) using simple active circuits.  Now colleges as well as Makers are using it. 

The next emails came from those who would have liked to build the Hexbug Hack, but didn’t know enough basic electronics to get started, so we decided to create a kit that would teach electronics in the process of building a fun project.  But what type of project? How about an Oscilloscope -- building one would cover a lot of electrical theory, provide physical assemble, be visually inspiring, and if built one module at a time, could teach and explain how to use one of the most useful pieces of electronic test equipment. Since a test signal source would be needed, building that circuit board could be used to teach all the basics: reading schematics, soldering / unsoldering, electronic theory and testing.

What was originally thought could be a kit of two circuit boards and about a hundred pages of theory and assembly text turned into 6 circuit boards and over 450 pages of text with over 400 pictures and diagrams. This was then divided into two parts -- the LED-Scope Part 1 & 2.  (“LED” is a play on words: Light-Emitting-Diode and Learn-Electronics-by-Doing.)  We thought this would be a “Kit”, but changed that to a hands-on Course/Curriculum (maybe “Kit-culum”?) as today’s “kits” contain a web address for the instructions or 2 - 4 printed pages and do not provide a schematic let alone teach any theory.  All our “kits” teach, thus our tag line:  “Don’t just Build Something . . . Learn Something!!!!

We have executives in the field of electronics impressed with our LED Scope curriculum/course that prepares the person for either a career or a job in electronics.  Our kits are not just a couple of pages to tell you how to put something together -- our kits TEACH while you have fun building a unique project.  So if you are a kid, a kid at heart, or a maker, you can find a kit or course where you will learn while having fun.  Our curriculum/courses as well as our “kits," are great for individuals, homeschoolers, camps, schools, and colleges.  They have all found our courses/kits to not only be fun, but educational.

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