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The Old Schoolhouse Magazine    Review of LED Scope Part 1 & Part 2  January 2017

 “My bottom line is that this course truly teaches electronics and gives plenty of hands-on practice. The final step in most of the chapters is, ‘Testing and Analysis.’ I like that.”


 Home School Enrichment Magazine   Review of LED Scope Course/Curriculum Part 2 May/June 2015                                     

“If you  have a student interested in really learning the ‘nuts and bolts’ of how electronics work, then go buy both kits today – because having done Part 1, your student will be eager to do Part 2 as well!”

Bryan Dubois, VP of the Special Project Group, Patton Electronics Co.

“LED Scope Curriculum/Course prepares students for a job or a career in electronics.”


Lisanne, High School Student

As a high school student planning to study Computer Science in college, my son enjoys the LED Scope Curriculum/Course Part 1 & 2 very much!”


Josh, age 21

“The Surface Mount Practice Kit was extremely helpful in my Electronic Construction class. It is a nice working item when done. Actually, it is not complex, one can figure out the schematic, and gives students practice in trouble shooting. Professor Pete M.

“LED Scope Curriculum/Course sparked a passion in my heart of the digital world when I was younger and later it got me a job in IT. ”


Becky L., Mother of College Student Who Did LED Scope Part 1&2 Prior to College

“It sure has been helpful for our son. Obviously you are right on track.”

Amanda, Mother of 10 and 12 Year Olds

 “LED Scope Curriculum/Course Part 1 & 2 are unique offerings. They explain not only the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of electronics, but also explains why things work. A truly complete electronics course. My sons are very different kind of learners, but both of them loved it! ”


Cameron, age 14

“LED Scope Curriculum/Course explains why everything works instead of just explaining that it works.”

— Jonadad, age 15

“In the LED Scope Curriculum/Course, I could easily understand the function of each new component.”


Beth, mother of 13 Year Old

“Did LED Scope Curriculum/Course Parts 1 and 2 in three months at age 13 with Dad’s supervising the soldering. He loved it! ”


Pete D. Father of 13 Year Old

“Excellent product for those seeking to gain hands on experience.”


Mother of 10 year old

“He is blazing along . . . He did his first soldering today. (Of course loud cheering erupted.)”


Mother of 10 and 12 Year Olds

“I wanted to thank you for producing the LED Scope Curriculum/Course. I was absolutely thrilled to find this unique offering. It explains not only the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of electronics, but also explains why things work, and it does so in a friendly, conversational tone—it felt as if we had our own personal electronics coach standing over my shoulder. Best of all was the way the course provided meaningful hands-on activities that meshed perfectly with the text. Soldering skills, an essential skill for budding electronics enthusiasts, are also taught, making this a truly complete electronics course. The many detailed photos and illustrations provided yet another level of support. Thank you again for this fine product!”

Mother of child who did LED Scope Curriculum/Course Part 1 & Part 2
My son is enrolled in a class on Electronics for Older Teen/Adults that is pure theory and calculations. It took over a month before he learned anything really new and that “new” material was some refinements about calculating power in complex circuits. So far he is holding his own – he is 13.


James, Age 13
Hello, my name is James and I purchased LED Scope Curriculum/Course Parts 1 and 2. GREAT PROJECT!! I really like how in depth it is! Can’t wait for Micro computer Graphics (Part 3).

Suffolk County Community College: Surface Mount Soldering Practice Kit

The course is ELT227 Electronic Construction and its part of Suffolk CC's Electronic Technician Degree (A.A.S.). The course covers the skills and tools used in the design, assembly and repair of electronic circuit boards. The students perform assembly and repair of thru-hole parts and surface mount devices. The kits provide a straight forward circuit that has discrete parts and integrated circuits. And because the kits are reasonably priced, the students keep the completed working kits (we re-use the non-working kits next semester for training on removing smd parts). 


Thanks again and will be re-ordering next fall!


Prof. Richard Johnston
Dept. of Engineering & Technology Sciences
Suffolk County Community College
533 College Road, Selden, NY 11784

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