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Solving Design Problems by Applying Electronics, Mechanics and Physics

New Product Design & Development, Feasibility/Proof of Concept Models, Real Form and Functional Prototypes

  • Electronic Circuit Design

  • Embedded Software Development

  • Design Simplification for Cost Reduction

  • Prototype Construction & Testing

  • Printed Circuit - Artwork Generation, Fabrication, & Assembly

  • CAD drawings & Design Evaluation

  • 3 Dimensional Modeling and Rendering

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Legacy Equipment Repaired and Updated

Taking Ideas into Reality

Edison was very insightful in his definition of genius. There are lots of good ideas and inspirations, but all by themselves they have little value. It takes effort and insight, tools, materials, and lots of time to bring them into solid existence. Applied Inspirations, LLC was founded to assist in bringing new ideas into physical reality by providing:

  • Examples - Tutorials and projects that demonstrate ideas taken from concept to reality.

  • Tools - PC boards, software, hardware and kits to explore turning new ideas into products.

  • Services - For those without the skills, tools or time, we provide services to develop part of, or the whole idea.

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