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Here you will find all the details, data, and code for the projects on this site.

Hexbug Hack

Hegbug HXB27e upgrade schematic -
Hegbug HXB27e Parts Placement -
Hegbug HXB27e Parts List -
Hegbug P-1, HXB27e, PIC12F675 Assembly Code -
Hegbug P-1, HXB27e, PIC12F675 HEX Code -

Hegbug Unsolder/Connection guide -
Hegbug HXBxxx Power On/Off Jumper -
PICkit-2 Programming / Interface Cable -
Low Gate voltage N channel MOSFET
Low Gate voltage P channel MOSFET

Hegbug upgrade schematic; Updated 10/18/08 -
Hegbug HXB14c Parts Placement -
HXB14c Parts List -

Hegbug P-1, HXB14c, PIC12F675 Assembly Code -
Hegbug P-1, HXB14c, PIC12F675 HEX Code -
Batt-Stat 'Beep' code to voltage Table
Hegbug P-2, HXB14c, PIC12F675 Assembly Code -     - In progress-
Hegbug P-2, HXB14c, PIC12F675 HEX Code -               - In progress-


Stock Hexbug IR Control
Connection Points -
Lead-Bending sequence for IR module -

Slave Flash
Slave Flash Controller schematic; 11/15/08
Slave Flash Parts placment for protoboard

The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments

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