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Shop - Courses - Curriculum

Looking for a hands-on Electronics Course - Curriculum - Lab that goes from no knowledge into the college area in about 60 hours? Written so a 10 year old with high interest in Science can do this independently, however the U.S. Navy as well as adults have successfully completed the course. The experience gained here are what employers and colleges are looking for.
Shop - Kits

From age 5 (with an adult) to adults, our kits are highly educational; not just put it together and you learned nothing. Excellent for STEM programs, Maker Space, and Homeschoolers.

Shop - Tools

Check out our Quality Tool Sets. We have quality soldering irons with a stable soldering iron stand. Our Quality Tool Set is for our Courses/Curriculum, LED Scope Part 1 & 2, where as our Smaller Quality Tool Set is for our kits.


All our kits and courses teach. Since these are hands-on, students become excited about learning and retain the information!


Check out our Event page to find out where we will be going this year. Hope to see you there!

Hands-On Quality Courses and Kits that Teach

Learn as you build. . .

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