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  • Gives Practical Hands-on Experience for Middle School (Science Kids), High School, Adults who want to change careers, or Hobbyist.
  • All parts necessary are included. Tool Set is sold separately - See our Quality Tool Set for tools.
  • Prepares students for College or entry level Electronic Technician.
  •  Classroom or Homeschool Co-ops.
  •  Independent Study for Homeschoolers -  Moms, you do not need to learn Electronics. Credit recommendation with Part 2 is 1 1/2 High School Credits which includes 1/2 lab credit.
  • Part 1 Half Price when purchased with Part 2. 

  • Tools needed in Part 1 are also needed for Part 2.

  • 200+ pages, 200+ illustrations on a CD in .pdf format.

Part 1: Basic Electronics teaches:

  • The Nature of Electricity
  • Basic electronic components
  • How to read a schematic diagram
  • How to solder
  • How to un-solder
  • How to use a Digital Multimeter
  • How to use Ohm's law and some basic math to analyze circuits
  • Basic Semiconductor Physics of how diodes and transistors work
  • Simple Operational Amplifier (op-amp) Circuits
  • Simple Digital Logic Circuits

     After some basic theory about the physics of electricity (1 chapter), safety, schematics, and construction techniques are explained. The rest of the 12 chapters are all hands-on to apply and explore this material. Each module consists of a small section of theory, then detailed step by step instructions are given to build the circuit that puts this theory into practice. Next, the circuit is tested (great reinforcement and excitement as LEDs blink and speakers sound) and analyzed to show that practice matches theory. In the process, the knowledge and the skills from earlier modules are reinforced. Finally, there is a page of key items learned in the chapter that can be used for review and future reference.
     The ten theory/build teaching circuits start with passive components, then diodes and transistors are used to build control circuits and an audio amplifier. The final sections use analog and digital Integrated Circuits (ICs) to teach the basics of working with operational amplifiers and digital logic gates.
     The knowledge and skills gained here, in Part-1, are used to build the next, more advanced, LED Array Oscilloscope in Part 2.
     This kit contains two printed circuit boards, components to build the power supply, test leads, and the main Signal Generator board (plus spare parts), a piezo speaker, wall-mount transformer, and all instruction on a CD in pdf format.


Basic Electronics Course - LED Scope Part 1

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  • If any parts are missing or incorrect, or if you need assistance, write to us at We will ship the needed part and answer your questions promptly.


    WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to
    (This item was manufactured prior to August 31st, 2018.)              See home page for additional details.

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