:Give your Hexbug a real Brain --

Replace the stock PC board controller with a PIC Microprocessor based one and add new features --

Light Level Detection
Battery Level Detection
PWM Speed Control
Control by TV Remote
Programmable Behaviors
Obstacle Detection and Avoidance


Featured Project -

Learn Electronics by building an

LED Array Oscilloscope

Fully assembled LED array oscilloscope displaying a 440hz sine wave
produced by the
Signal Generator/Practice board.

Learn Electronics by Doing
Theory is pretty thin stuff until it's mixed with experience...

The best way to truly learn something requires that you make use of what you have just studied by actively using it. Therefore, the best way to learn electronics is to build something. This kit is intended to provide a high interest project that will teach the basic operation and functions of an oscilloscope by building it one functional module at a time.


Vertical Position
5 Calibrated Input Ranges: 50mv/div to 5v/div
Variable Vertical Gain
DC/AC Input Coupling
12 Calibrated Time base values: 10uS/div to 50ms/div
Variable Time base
3 Trigger modes
Trigger Level
External Trigger
Trigger on Rising/Falling Edge
Trigger Delay

Basic Electronics and
LED Array Oscilloscope KIT
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