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Recommended for Middle School (Science Kids) and High School Classrooms or Independent Study.
Recommended for Middle School (Science Kids) and High School Classrooms or Independent Study.
Part-1 is Half Priced when purchased with Part-2.
For more information on Part-1&2 View Part 1 and Part 2
Note:  If Part 1 has not been ordered, a power supply is needed.
Quality tools needed for our LED Scope Part 1 and Part 2 Curriculum - Course.
This kit is designed to be used by an instructor to introduce a student or group to electronics.
Build a genuine "bread board” circuit on a block of wood you can proudly display on your wall. (A screw-eye hanger and batteries are included!)
Our wearable animated LED display Blue-Board Kit with 13 select-able light patterns not only teaches how to solder, but also introduces how a micro-controller can be used to create a light display.
Are you a maker, tinker, educator, or student looking for a conversational piece for on your desk, or something to tinker with while you are waiting for something to come up on your computer?
With this kit you will create a flashy display of 10, large, 1/2 Watt LEDs that sequences in a circular pattern.
Same as our Quality Tool Set but with fewer tools.
This is an advanced kit of surface-mount components and a printed circuit board that provides an inexpensive and thorough means to try out techniques for soldering Surface Mount Devices (SMD).
3-AA cell Battery Holder with switch
Batteries not included.
Full Parts Kit to up-grade the Hexbug with a Reprogrammable Microprocessor brain.
Full Parts Kit to up-grade Hexbug and a Hexbug to up-grade Adds a Hexbug to the Hexbug Brain Kit
Add microcomputer control to the Hexbug by adding a Microchip PIC. Can be programmed in-circuit using the PICkit-2.
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