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Hexbug Hack

Give your Hexbug a Real Brain!
Chapter 7 - Software Download Page -



Basic personality-1 Description    HXBG-P1.DOC
Basic personality-1 Assembly code    HxBg5_R1.ASM
Basic personality-1 Assembly code    HxBg5_R1.HEX
‘Deicidig’ Sub. Voltage reference table BattStat.DOC
INClUDE file for assembly    P12F675.INC
(This routine is should be with the MPLAB resources)

Available in a single 32KB download - Click Icon on Right




Basic personality-2 Description    - In Progress -
Basic personality-2 Assembly code    - In Progress -
Basic personality-2 Assembly code    - In Progress -

1]The micro-robotic Hexbug is the result of collaboration between Ignition (Plano, TX;, an industrial design and development firm, and Innovation First Inc. (Greenville, TX;, a product engineering company. RadioShack is the exclusive North American retailer of the Hexbug. Bandai, the leading toy manufacturer in Japan, also recently signed a deal for global distribution rights, with plans for other products to follow. “We had a rough idea for this product, but Ignition brought it to life,” says Joel Carter, VP of marketing at Innovation First. “They transformed our concept into a viable market-ready product and helped us to create an entirely new product category.”

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